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Best Murder Costumes Party Ideas

By Ina P. October 18, 2021 0 comments

Are you planning to attend a murder mystery party, and you are not sure what your murder costumes will be on that very day? Don’t worry!

It is a bit thrilling to wear a murder mystery costume to some of you while it is still a literal nightmare to many. Finding a murder costume for party doesn’t have to be stressful as many imagine.

Here are some of the murder mystery costumes ideas for your whodunit party:

5 Murder Mystery Costume Ideas

Flapper Dress Costume

A flapper dress gives you an iconic look, allowing you to stand out from the crowd. It is ideal for young women in their 20’s, whether from high-society, jazz entertainers, famous figures, or working women.

The costume accessories include beaded or feathered headband, cloche hat, drop earrings, bead necklace, cuff bracelets, big rings, fringe jacket or kimono coat, and sequin scarf. Flapper dress costumes are readily available online or in costume stores.

Captain Jack Sparrow Costume for Kids

If Disney’s Captain Jack Sparrow clothes inspire your children, then this is the best costume for them. The outfit has anything your child requires to achieve an iconic look.

It comes in a white, broadcloth shirt, a blue vest with metallic-colored buttons in front, and brown pants, which add a natural touch to the attire. The faux leather belt and fabric sash fit around the waist. Plus, the red bandana with printed details properly fits around your child’s head.

Ace Ventura Costume with Wig for Men

Start your murder mystery party in style with Ace Ventura Costume. The attire comprises an eccentric button-down shirt with a pocket on the front left side. It comes with striped pants with an elastic waistband for a custom fit and three belt loops for housing the faux leather belt.

You don’t need a hairstylist since this costume comes with a synthetic brown wig with style similar to Ace Ventura in the hilarious movie. You can bring along a toy parrot, and you are ready to go.

Adult Group Costumes

Most murder costumes are specially designed for the entire family, but when leaving the children behind for a murder mystery party, group costumes change everything. There are adult group costumes with magical looks, such as Wizard of Oz group costumes. Other than having an iconic look with your squad, you can have costumes with a sexy look.

Couples Costumes

Are you looking for costumes to attend the murder mystery party with your spouse? Search no more. There are numerous couple murder costumes you can get in the market.

Some include Superman and Wonder Woman, Forrest Gump and Jenny, Fragile Box and Leg Lamp, and Captain Morgan and Coke. Captain Hook and Tinkerbell will make you have a fun look that other couples will envy.

Tips to Consider When Making Murder Mystery Costumes

Decide on Which Matter Mystery Costume to Wear Together

Most people don’t ask themselves these questions. Do you have to talk with your friends about the murder costumes and agree on which attire to wear during the party? Or are you keeping it a secret and revealing it as a surprise on that very night?

Agreeing on the murder costume for the party is essential since it determines how exciting the party will be. For instance, if you and others are band members, you need to agree and come up with a unique uniform to wear so that you look alike.

If you decide to keep it a secret until the night’s party, that is well and good. This can help you giggle at each other before the party starts.

Budget for Your Murder Mystery Costumes

In most cases, one selected person determines how much money to spend on costumes for a particular event. However, it is always good to agree together on the amount you want to spend.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on murder mystery costumes, you can try out homemade murder costume ideas.

This involves making the murder costumes using what you have at home. You can also decide to wear the attire that you wore at your last murder mystery party.

If you like crafting or needlework, you can easily make murder mystery costumes that won’t cost you even a penny. You can make the costumes as simple as possible to avoid any extra cost.

Remember the Props for the Murder Mystery Party

Ensure you don’t forget the props or accessories since they are a crucial part of your costume. For example, a band member must come with an instrument, or a mechanic has to bring some tools.

Remember, the wicker the prop, the more the laughs. Besides, the more successful your costumes are, the more you feel better.

At the Murder Mystery Party, everyone Is Concerned About Their Costumes

This is the most exciting thing about the murder mystery party. While you are busy thinking about what other people say or think about your costumes, everyone else feels the same.

So don’t be nervous about what people say about your murder costume; relax and concentrate when you get to the party without thinking about other peoples’ perceptions.

Play Yourself at the Murder Mystery Party

If you don’t know the theme for your whodunit play, you can build your murder mystery game and then dress up and play as each other. This means that you can attend the murder mystery party dressed as your best mate, father, mum, brother, or sister, having the same hairstyle as theirs, wearing similar designer clothes, and bringing the same props as theirs.


Murder costumes for the party are essential since they allow you to feel part of the party. Dressing like some of your friends can make you feel happy and enjoy the party.

The above are some of the tips that will ensure your murder mystery costumes for your whodunit party are killer. The simplest idea is to wear what you already have and don’t think about what other people think about your costume.

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