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Best Options of Murder Mystery Games for Party

By Ina P. October 04, 2021 0 comments

Do you want to spice your dinner party up with a murder mystery? Do you want the games all free and not pay to access the murder mystery party kit? All you need is provided below. 


The murder mystery is a game developed from the famous movie, Murder Mystery. The game has grown into an option often played at dinner parties. There is a wide array of murder mystery games one can choose from. 

Each game has a unique theme for various ages. Using the murder mystery game kit, one can play the game virtually, in real life, or using platforms like zoom. The well-crafted game is engaging making its players detectives as they attempt to find a solution to different mysteries in the game. 

Top 10 Murder Mystery Game Kits to Explore

The price for a murder mystery game kit cut across from $20 to $80. Rather than spend that amount on the kit (which one will most likely use once), there are free games that provide everything one can enjoy in a game. 

The games are good options for five to twenty-eight guests. This implies that the game is perfect for any size of party. The games have character scripts and descriptions. Similarly, there are name tags, free invitations, props, and other features on the games. 

Here is a list of the top ten murder mystery party kits. 

Free Murder Mystery Game for Tweens

This murder mystery game is more appropriate for kids between 10 to 12 years, even though adults can enjoy it too. For the kids, one may have to sort the characters. However, the plot is a great one that the young and old would love. 

For adults who are interested in the game, there are adult themes to make the plot more comprehensible. The game is free and its different versions are available in languages other than English. 

Sour Grapes of Wrath

Sour Grapes of Wrath is an option a minimum of six players can play. The storyline is simply astonishing. Summarily, it is about unexpected guests who showed up at a California winery at a weekend. However, the guests only have one thing on their minds – murder. 

It is one of the most brilliant murder mystery games available while it is free. However, there is an option of donation via PayPal for the game (This is a donation and not a payment for the game).

The 69 pages game has all the gamers need to enjoy the game - detailed instruction, secret clues, character background kits, invitations, and all one may need to have a lovely adventure of a murder mystery game.

The Romanian Uranium Mystery 

The Romanian Uranium Mystery is another detailed murder mystery game. Of course, it has a scripted show which can be improved for a dinner. 

The free murder mystery game has a cast of characters who are available for the scripted and improved parts of the show. Here is a storyline for the game. 

Get it now and enjoy the party to the fullest. 

The Little Engine that Could Kill

The Little Engine that Could Kill is another free game with different parts for different players. There was a murder of a passenger traveling to Portugal from India on an express train. The players are to unravel how the murder happened. Each character has in-depth profiles to help them in the game.

Jazz Age Jeopardy 

Jazz Age Jeopardy is a murder mystery game for the “oldies.” The game dates as far back as 1920 when a murder took place in a jazz club in New York City. There can be 6 to 15 characters to play the game. 

Its PDF file contains an introduction, party guidebook, instructions, clue cards, voting sheets, and character sheets. Anyone would love the game. 

Way Out West 

There is a task to fully get Way Out West as a free Murder Mystery Game – subscribe to its free newsletter to get the complete package of the game. 

The game is similar to other murder mystery games. It has the set-up, script, characters, clues, and more. 

Mafia Party Game 

The Mafia Party Game can accommodate up to 24 players. This makes it a top choice game for any size of party. It is a detective game with loads of fun to it. 

There are two parts to the game. It begins with nighttime – a time when the Mafia secretly lurks and looks around to commit murder and a daytime – a time for the players to eliminate the suspect by voting. A deck of cards is an important part of this game. 

Butler Kicks the Bucket  

The Butler Kicks the Bucket murder mystery is a top-notch game. A maximum of 15 characters can play the game. Just download the cards and begin to enjoy the game. 

Murder, She Wrote 

Murder, She Wrote is a printable game that has a movie of its version on Netflix. The movie involves a lot of thinking processes and non-stop fun. The players have to guess who committed the murder, the motive of the murderer, and other important details of the murderer. 

Depending on the nature of the event, a single player or a large group of people can gather around the TV to play the game. 

The Movie Murder Mystery Party 

The setup of The Movie Murder Mystery Party is that the director of a film died while there was a celebration of the completion of a film with the cast and crew. Looks difficult? No, it does not. Follow closely. 

As a player in the game, there are clues which the director hid before his death. The clues will go a long way in how one unravels the murder story of this scavenger hunt game. 

Its free download comes with instructions to play the game, the premise, clues, descriptions of characters, ideas to award the winner, and scavenger hunt items. 8 to 16 players can enjoy the game.  


One can incorporate these games and more into other murder mystery games to have a nice time. Get the games now and lit up the parties. 

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