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What Are Murder Mystery Games?

By Ina P. October 25, 2021 0 comments

Murder mystery games are typically party games wherein one of the guests is secretly acting as a killer, and the other guests must figure out who is the murderer. In some games, the murderer knows that they are the killer, whereas, in others, the murderer learns this just like the other players. 

Murder mystery games may include actual guest murders throughout the game, or they may begin with a 'death' and spend the remainder of the time investigating.

Murder mystery games can also apply to public plays in venues for events, corporate entertainment, or team building, wherein actors play the culprits and the other attendees play the detectives.

Types of Games

Dinner Party Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery dinner party games are typically played with small groups of people, such as 6–20. Murder Mystery dinner party activities take place around the dinner table.

Your guests will dress up as their characters and receive a dossier in advance of the party. However, the game would be a little more low-key.

Dinner games, like party games, are themed to take place in a certain location. This implies you can be as creative as you want with your menu. Just ensure your dishes fit the theme. Remember to include music in your playlist, preferably one that reflects the locale or time period in which the "crime" occurred.

Large Group Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery games for larger groups are often held for parties of 20 to 250 people, while games for groups of 400 or more can be held. 

Not everyone can participate in a huge group game. Hence, the suspect roles are frequently assigned to actors who memorize scripts or just improvise a performance. This progressively reveals the identity of the murderer to the other guests. All facets of the case are entirely "in their control" by the actors.

The remaining guests will assume the position of detective, with their job being to solve the case by scrutinizing evidence, locating clues, tracking and interviewing suspects.

Versions of Murder Mystery Games

Script/Turn-Based Games

Scripted or turn-based games function by disseminating information throughout the game. Each character discovers something new related to the plot and their role as the game proceeds.

Players are urged to ask certain questions or read from a script each round. At a dinner party, these are commonly played around the table.


Players in interactive murder mystery games are given details about their character in beginning itself. However, it is up to the character to figure out how to solve the crime. Players frequently have other goals in mind, such as becoming the richest player at the end of the game. The majority of people will have their own secrets that are unrelated to the crime. 

This gives gamers even more motivation to interact with one another. Because everyone must be able to mix and talk to others without being heard. 

These games are best suited to buffets or finger snacks. Some can be done at a sit-down dinner if there is enough time following for guests to socialize and walk around.

Video-Based or On-Line Interactive

In this game, we use video to tell the tale behind the crime. This also includes witnesses' testimony or evidence to enable guests to solve the case in a more "game-like" approach. 

These games are played alone on the Internet, although they are also occasionally played in larger groups for team development.

Murder mysteries could be played on Internet forums. The organizer notifies the murderer secretly, and they should try to pin the crime on someone else in the thread. The organizer unveils the murderer at the end of each round.

How to Play a Murder Mystery Game?

Depending on a number of criteria, murder mystery parties can take many different forms.

Pick a Theme

Consider how many guests you would like to invite and what people's interests are when choosing a theme. When it comes to arranging a great event, a good theme could make or break it.

Analyze all your common interests and cross off those that do not have sufficient characters for the number of guests you are expecting. Then, from the options left, pick the one that most interests you.

Create a Storyline

Now that you've decided on a topic, it's time to be creative and come up with a great storyline!

A great murder mystery story should have a start, middle, and finish, most importantly, an introduction that would intrigue your guests. Have description cards for each character since they can completely immerse themselves in their character throughout the evening. Evidence cards with essential clues will help guests get fairly close to the murderer.

Finally, you will read the solution cards when the guests reach their judgments as to who the culprit is.



Invite Your Suspect

Every party necessitates an invitation. This is where you can let your imagination go wild!

Your invitation, if done well, will set the mood for the party before the guests arrive. If you want to make your own invitation, you can use old-fashioned materials. For example, paper, calligraphy pens, ink, colors, and more if you have a certain theme in mind.

Every invitation must provide the party's date, time, location, and RSVP information. The latter is crucial because you can assign characters if you have an additional person or a guest who isn't showing up

This is also a fantastic way to include additional information, such as costume details.

Grab Your Costume

Getting into costume is one of the most critical aspects of immersing yourself in your characters. You can either offer each guest their costume and props, or they can bring their own.

Make a list of all the characters and allocate them to your guests. For each character, consider identifying them with a piece of clothing/accessory that will help them stand out.

You can either get these items yourself and put them in a goodie bag. Then, with the character's name on it to deliver to your guests. You can also send them a list with their invitation.

You can invite your guests to bring their own unique props and costumes to give more personalization to the game. 


Consider what items and decor will make your theme more authentic. They need to be relevant, creative, and relevant to the theme. They should also be something that the guests will recognize.

Tablecloths in a theme-related color, signage on the wall, banners, ceiling hangings, table centerpieces, and themed silverware and dishes are just a few simple decor options.

If you are hosting virtually, you can still enjoy it. You can have the guests create virtual backgrounds for their videos. They can also dress up their real surroundings with the needed theme and give their own props!


You will need lots of refreshments and snacks to keep the guests happy.  Whether you serve light refreshments or a sit-down supper, ensure it fits with the theme of the party.

If you are hosting the party virtually, keep things simple. Order the same style or take out of food from a restaurant.  This way everyone can eat at the same time.


Murder mystery parties are a great way to keep people of all ages entertained. A do-it-yourself murder mystery party delivers drama and intrigue, stimulates involvement, and helps guests unite via a common goal: to solve the mystery. Instead of purchasing a murder mystery kit, consider creating your own.

The ideas offered here are meant to provide guidelines and items of thought to help you arrange your own murder mystery party. These instructions are not a comprehensive list of procedures to complete. However, they are meant to offer guidelines and things of thought.


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