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How to Host an Epic Murder Mystery Party In 5 Easy Steps

Your friends will be begging you to have another party after everyone sees just how much fun your night of mystery was!

Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery parties are something that have been used for social gatherings for many years. Businesses like casinos, restaurants, and bars host evenings around murder mystery games because everyone loves them, and they sell out fast! Murder Mystery parties are unbelievably fun and guests always end up wanting more.

Good news is that you can organize a murder mystery night yourself and it's a lot easier than you may think. Just follow these simple steps, and you’re soon going to be the host or hostess that all your friends are going to turn to when they want something different to do for a change.

STEP 1: Decide on a Format of Your Party

There are different ways of how you can organize your mystery night. A few of the most popular are:

Costume Party / Masquerade - guests are dressed up according to their characters and a theme of the game. This format works best when hosted in a spacious room to allow guests easily walk around, talk to each other and take pictures. We recommend serving cocktails and light appetizers for your guests.

Official Mystery Dinner which involves a formal dinner served. You may hand out mystery clues in between serving different courses.

Simple Potluck - if you feel like throwing a party without putting much efforts, just invite your guests and ask them to bring some snacks/drinks. You can throw a potluck mystery party anywhere: at your home, backyard or even in any public park. 

STEP 2: Select a Murder Mystery Party Theme

You can visit for a great choice of Mystery Party Themes. Here is a few examples:

Don't worry too much about choosing a theme. Those are all great and most likely you'll end up hosting more than one mystery party because your guests will love it and ask for more.

Click on the button below to see more Murder Mystery Party themes. 

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STEP 3: Download and Print

After you purchase selected mystery party kit, you will be able to instantly download all the directions and information that you need to host the party in simple digital PDF files that you can save to your computer and print out.

If you’re worried about knowing too much about the solution to the game, don’t be. There are warnings included along the way that will tell you what details not to read if you don’t want to spoil whodunit! You’ll still be able to participate right along with your guests with the same amount of information that they have as long as you don’t read those labeled details before it’s time.

STEP 4: Invite Guests and Assign Characters

This is where the real fun begins! Take a look at the characters listed in your game and decide what friends you want to assign to take on those roles. You can invite as few as six people or up to 20, depending on what size party you want. There are required characters, usually six to eight, and optional ones for each game so that you can be somewhat flexible with your guest list. There may also be game extensions available if you want to have an even bigger party.

STEP 5: Let the Games Begin

After you sort out all the details like time, place, decorations, and guest lists, your friends will start to arrive. In the instructions you received, you will be directed on what to do as far as handing out envelopes with clues and other details for three different rounds of play. Follow them carefully to ensure that everything plays out the way that it was intended to. There are even optional messages that are included that can be sent to guests up to a week before the night of the party. It's so that everyone can get into character and start to think about what’s about to come!

Each game usually consists of 3 rounds. You should allocate 30-60 min to each round. So, with all the introductions the entire game can take up to 3 hours. As a host you will be handing out clues to guests each round. That's basically all you need to do during the game and we strongly recommend you to participate in the game.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! You are going to be enjoying a night, or several nights, doing something unique instead of sticking with the same ol’ same ol’.

100% Fun Guaranteed! offers a stellar guarantee. If any of your guests don't love your mystery party, you get your money back!

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